Project “Development of Innovation Center in Liepaja City” – Liepaja ZIIC

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Project “Development of Innovation Center in Liepaja City”

The goal of the project is to promote the development of knowledge and learners’ career choice in the STEM and environmental science area, establishing an innovation centre in Liepaja in cooperation with collaboration partners of Latvia and Norway.


The project “Development of Innovation Center in Liepaja City” is financed by the European Economic Area and Norway (EEA/N) grant programme “Research and Education.”

Total costs of the project are 1 025 341,78 EUR, out of which:

  • EEA/N co-financing 784 386,37 EUR
  • Latvia State Budget co-financing 138 421,13 EUR
  • Liepaja City Municipality co-financing 102 534,28EUR

Project Description

The project envisages development of the Nature House and establishment of the Co-creation Room, which will supplement the Science and Education Innovation Centre (ZIIC) with modern exhibits, technologies and equipment, also with new interest-related educational programmes.

Development of the Innovation Center in Liepaja City, the development of pre-school, pupils and teachers’ knowledge, practical skills and abilities will be provided in the STEM (science, technologies, engineering and mathematics) and environmental area.

The Liepaja City Municipality is going to implement the project in close cooperation with the partners involved in the project – Trondheim Science Centre, Jærmuseet Regional Museum in Norway and Liepaja University, as well as other science and innovation centres in Latvia.

Project Identification No: NFI/IC/VIAA/2020/2
Agreement No: 9.-
Date of Agreement: July 23, 2020

Project Implementation Period

From July 27, 2020 till July 26, 2023. Extended until April 30, 2024.

Contact Details

Laura Grundmane
Liepāja Municipal Education Department

Science and Education Innovation Centre
Manager of the project “Development of Innovation Center in Liepaja City”
Phone: + 371 26 464 841
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